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Costa Rica Vacation Rental in Caño Negro, at Casa Mairena can be the right option if you’re looking for a house to rent in Costa Rica, surrounded by nature, proper for nature-lover, for birding, for a photographer, look no further. Not only will you find an almost pristine wildlife refuge in Caño Negro, but we can help you arrange the best excursion. Rather than staying in a hotel, why not choose a location as unique as you are?

Costa Rica Vacation Rental

Why it is an ideal option renting a house for your holidays in Costa Rica?

Casa Mairena is the place where to stay in Caño Negro to make your vacation uniques.

Casa Mairena is part of Hotel de Campo Travel business company, with over than 20 years of experience in tourism services. So, we can also provide you with additional services to enjoy Caño Negro.

What to do in Caño Negro

“…The Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Caño Negro is a bird lover’s paradise. In the almost 10,000 hectare nature reserve and wetland, you can observe over 350 species of birds. The river banks and the lagoons are teeming with turtles and caimans. Iguanas patrol the banks, and capuchin, howler and spider monkeys jump through the treetops. Sloths, coatis and basilisks (Jesus Christ Lizards) also live in Caño Negro….”

– Gudrun Brandenburg

Ecotourims, COSTA RICA

A see-all activity for the nature lover. If you are a person who enjoys spending time in the countryside and observing wild animals and plants, Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge is the right place for you. Renting a house can be the most interesting way to spend your time.

Birdwatching, COSTA RICA

Are you a bird lover? Well, Caño Negro is, again, the place for you. Even if you are an initiate on birdwatching, or an experienced birder, at the National Refuge of Caño Negro you will have the most amusing time spotting birds. Renting a house surrounded by a beautiful tropical garden, with direct access to a private forest, and at walking distance to the lagoon, make Casa Mairena the perfect house for a vacation rental.

Photography, COSTA RICA

Photography requires time, patience, and most of all a quiet place. A vacation rental solution can be the right answer. Casa Mairena is a house with a beautiful tropical garden, at your only disposition 24/7. Only you and your companions will be there. There will be nobody in your way to take that picture making your day worth it.

Short & Long term vacation rental house

If you are looking for an house to rent in Costa Rica, in a place where you can enjoy your time immerse in nature, CASA MAIRENA is the house for you.

Casa Mairena

Vacation rental opportunity for short or long term.

Costa Rica Vacation Rentals in Caño Negro. You can rent Casa Mairena. This is a new and different choice where to stay.
This rental house offers you 2 comfortable rooms, a kitchen, leaving-room, a large patio, and a BBQ area.

And most important: a huge garden, with any kind of fruit trees, where birds and monkeys feed every day.

Also, when you vacation rental Casa Mairena, you will have free access to Hotel de Campo amenities, such as the tropical garden, direct access to the lagoon, and the swimming pool.

And finally, you can hire for a very special price boat and guide services, to arrange private and professional tours for birdwatching, photography, and Eco-Tours.

House for rent for short or long term in Costa Rica
House for rent for short or long term in Costa Rica
House for rent for short or long term in Costa Rica
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